We are creating a new design language for the bathroom of the future. We seek the transition to the balance of body and soul, with product collections of unparalleled timelessness. The epitome of everyday luxury invites you to discover it.

C … like Cabins | Collections | Creation
Luxury, imposing design, ergonomics and durability at the heart of the bathroom, with custom-made and ready-made products that meet the highest quality standards.

M … like Mirrors | Marvel | Magic
Design concepts that embody the key principles of interior design, the timeless precepts of aesthetics and the boldness of all the innovative trends of tomorrow.

A … like Accessories | Authenticity | Aesthetics
Novel ideas and stylish products with a strong identity, which build desire and stimulate the senses, creating an environment of pervasive luxury.

Our suppliers are FIONA, ODF, BATHIFY, KOTTIS


For us, every complete or partial bathroom renovation is a new challenge for the absolute upgrade of your space.

Focusing on solutions of high added value, we highlight the character of each bathroom with innovative ideas and custom-made products that are perfectly adapted to your individual needs.

Combining a human-centered design approach with the technology of the future, we set new standards of aesthetics, sheer inventiveness and luxury in the bathroom.

Having the necessary professional expertise and know-how to turn your vision into reality, we can ensure that all aspects of your bathroom renovation project are supported from start to finish and beyond.

Ready for a change? Let the experts take care of every detail and discover how today’s ideas are transformed into the bathrooms of tomorrow.

Our suppliers are FIONA, ODF, BATHIFY, KOTTIS


Switches, Sockets and Automation Systems that stand out for their imposingness. The absolute statement of unwavering superiority.

A Sense of Luxury at every touch
Innovative design and signature collections, unique textures and exquisite materials, sophisticated features and impeccable finishes… Stone, wood, glass, metal, porcelain, leather: Choose your own iconic reference point and define the personality of your space, letting the timeless value of the electrical equipment reveal that luxury is of the essence.

Ultimate Innovation with smart solutions
The technology of tomorrow for the management of lighting, heating and cooling, shading mechanisms and entertainment devices is here. Functionality and ergonomics meet custom-made creations and automation systems. The most advanced functions and prestigious products are here to meet your everyday needs.

Exclusive Collaborations at every step
Pioneers and leaders are the only ones who can pave the way for change. That’s why we collaborate only with those who know how to push the limits of interior design principles and play a leading role in the embodiment of sophistication. Discover how the experts of Meljac and Rhombus Europe can offer you the ultimate sense of luxury.

Our suppliers are MELJAC, RHOMBUS