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Turning electrical equipment and automation systems into aesthetic touchstones of sophistication.

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Focusing on the dynamic design in the bathroom, ergonomics and the superiority of high-end product collections.

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Working only with the pioneers and the leaders who can offer the best and most innovative equipment, expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to ZEDE.

Art at its Zenith

the manifesto

When sophisticated interior design meets art and every new deco trend blends harmoniously with the timelessness of classic luxury, you know you are in a space that is synonymous with high aesthetic appeal.

When the unparalleled quality of materials and the undisputable uniqueness of products and works of art spark creativity and inspiration, you know you are in a space that awakens the senses.

When human-centered philosophy and personalised design invite you to rediscover your creative spirit and a strong sense of joie de vivre, you know you are in a space where luxury living is transformed into a way of life.

This is the manifesto that leads the way towards the creation of innovative spaces which reflect the true essence of good living.

This is the authentically holistic Z GALERIE experience.

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